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5 narbie

Tom was my real estate agent in a recent condo i purchased and i honestly could not be any happier. He was very knowledgeable and answered every question i could possibly have.

He was very honest and straight forward which is almost impossible to find today. He went out of his way to educate me in my options and what will work best for me.

Thanks Tom!

5 EllinaK

Tom Barseghian is our family go to person for all real estate matters. He assisted my family in leasing a condo last year. He was very honest and helped us to the extent of his capability even though there wasn’t much for him to gain in return. I refer Tom to everyone I know and when the time comes for me to buy, I will definitely be calling him.

5 MeghediDavoodian

Tom helped us find our dream home – no easy task with the housing market right now. He was so patient and really took the time to understand what we were looking for and what our budget was. He was fully knowledgeable about a vast area that we were looking into. He was always available to answer questions and made us feel like we were his only clients. Tom is very professional, always punctual, refreshingly honest, and always had our best interest at heart. We would not even hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to buy a home.

5 sako44

Tom represented my wife and I in purchasing our dream home. He was highly recommended to us from a few of our friends who also were represented by his company. He made the process VERY easy as he really has good connections with other agents and representatives in the real estate field. We HIGHLY recommend Tom and will use his services in the future.

5 kjtrubey

Tom represented us in the purchase of a home. He kept us informed every step of the way. He made the process simple with escrow closing on schedule two days before Christmas. Tom was a pleasure to deal with and we recommend his services every chance we get. We look forward to dealing with Tom again in the future.

5 roland1122

Tom is simply great. He and his associates did an EXcellent (with an upper case E and X) job from the beginning to the end – from the offer to the day we closed the escrow. He is extremly helpful, understanding and positive. I would not hesitate a second to pick up the phone and call Tom if I am in the market again to buy or sell.

5 jmart277

Tom is the “BEST”. I wanted to thank you and your associates for the amazing work you did for me to complete the purchase of my condo. You and your team worked so hard and, at all times, displayed the utmost competence, grace, persistence, and professionalism. You made what could have been an extremely stressful situation much easier than anticipated. You are a consummate professional and I would welcome the opportunity to recommend you and your team to everyone I know looking for the best broker in Los Angeles. I can’t thank you enough and can’t recommend you highly enough. You are simply the best.

Thanks again for everything!!! All the best, Jeff

5 JoshuaNitschke

First time home purchase – Tom helped me get the townhome I wanted for four thousand less than the appraiser and zillow’s minimum value! Always available by email or text and promptly answers any questions. I highly recommend. Very honest.

5 KatinaK

I’m thrilled to say that it was great working with Tom! His knowledge of the area aided us in finding our “wish list” and his negotiation skills helped us find the absolute most for our budget. Tom was a huge help with explaining the closing process, always being proactive and responsive to our questions and needs. Also, Tom was always very helpful in accomodating our demanding schedules to see homes and pointed out things to us to pay attention to, offering his opinion/advise. He is very knoweledgeable and always with a smile! We loved working with Tom and whole-heartily will recommend him to anyone who is interested in buying a house.

5 HongyuZ

Tom processes the best professionalism in the real estate field. He works extremely hard and has kept me informed in every step of the purchasing procedure. Whenever I had any question, he always responded very promptly in email or on the phone, no matter it’s daytime or night time, weekdays or weekends. His answer often gives me good perspective of the reality. With Tom’s help, I feel everything is in good hand.

5 Mevis

Tom was there with us every step of the way. He took the time to learn exactly what we were looking for. Screened houses for us and helped us find our dream home, without making us compromise on anything. He was patient and simply awesome. Works a friend and I’m telling you our escrow process could not have gone any smoother. Even our escrow agent was so impressed with how on top of things he was. Look no further.. I promise you..you will be really happy as Tom as your agent.

5 margot e.

Without Tom Barseghian, I would not have succeeded in buying my dream home. He guided me through a tortuous and protracted short sale process. My situation was unique and challenging, especially with regard to my financing and the sellers’ banks’ demands before they would approve the short sale. There was a months’ long struggle and an unusual number of hurdles to overcome. I was consulted and guided throughout the process with authoritative candor by Tom. He is an excellent communicator and he let me know what to expect each step of the way. Tenacity, honesty, responsiveness, and commitment to doing what is needed characterize Tom’s work. He has a breadth of knowledge about real estate, finance, and the economy that provided me with the specialized information I needed to make multiple critical decisions along the way. His positive attitude and unwavering enthusiasm supported the deal from start to finish. It was a true pleasure to work with Tom.

5 momof3angels

We were actually overseas when we purchased our first condo with Tom. With lots of emails and msg back and forth, Tom has helped a lot and with lots of helpful guidance and suggestions. He is always on top of things and is available thru emails/msg/phone calls. He is always there and he has also made good friends with my babies…! We would happily recommend Tom to anyone who is looking for a new home sweet home =)

5 user3316507

Tom is exceptionally professional and knowledgeable. He assisted me in closing escrow on a beautiful property in Granada Hills this year, and I was thrilled. He was very patient and dedicated throughout the process, and did not pressure me to settle for a property at any point. I had worked with two other real estate agents prior to working with Tom–one failed to properly close the transaction and the other tried to pressure me to buy. It was so refreshing to work with Tom because he truly cared about achieving the result that was best for me. He was always willing to learn and adapt, as we expanded our search to areas outside of my original choice. Furthermore, Tom always arrived in professional attire and on time to our appointments. What I loved best about Tom was that he was extremely responsive to my emails and calls. When the transaction became challenging, he informed me of the issues, but always tried to do so upon determining possible solutions. I know there were times he waited to call me after he had solved problems so as not to unnecessarily stress me out. The transaction was complicated, as it involved an FHA loan and a new construction, but Tom figured everything out and got the job done. Overall, I am so pleased with Tom’s work and would recommend him to anyone.

5 user436465

Tom did a great job helping my fiancée and I find a condo in Burbank. He is very responsive when you e-mail or leave a message and will always go the extra mile to make sure your questions are addressed about properties. Tom also was very responsive about helping us visit/view properties and make pro-active suggestions about properties that he thought we might like. I would highly recommend Tom, a great agent and a very nice guy.

5 user876728

I was looking for an area to give Tom four stars as opposed to five, just so this wouldn’t seem like I was just trying to hype him up and, honestly, there isn’t an area that he doesn’t deserve five stars in.

He did everything in his power to get me the property I wanted. He was always responsive to my texts/emails/calls. He kept me updated at every stage of the process as soon as an update occurred. Not to mention he’s the consummate professional and a very genuine person.

I highly, HIGHLY recommend Tom.

Tom, I owe you, buddy. Thank you for everything. I couldn’t be happier with the new apartment.

5 user551956

If your’e looking to buy a property, and want a reliable agent , Tom would be the agent to call. Reliable, prompt, knowledgeable, peoples person. He knows what he’s doing and does it well. As they say TRY IT YOU’D LIKE IT . HE’S EXCELLENT . Believe me he knows what he’s doing. If you’re even just thinking about buying a property or have any questions about the Real Estate Business, call TOM BARSEGHIAN . ONE CALL DOES IT ALL WITH TOM . BEST REGARDS

5 user1311548

As first-time home buyers, we could not have asked for a more outstanding agent than Tom Barseghian. He is very knowledgeable about the real estate market, professional, responsive and did a fantastic job of walking us through our purchasing process. My wife and I have very busy schedules and Tom never let this be an obstacle or never showed any signs of frustration. He went above and beyond, from securing the offer, to coming over to our apartment and reviewing the various paperwork. Beyond that, he’s a super nice guy and truly made the experience as pleasant as it could be. Please look no further…trust me…Tom is your guy.

5 user128797

From the first meeting with Tom, we knew he would get the job done. He is thoughtful, knows the market, does his research and puts a tremendous amount of energy into making sure his clients understand and feel comfortable with the deal. We gave him a nearly impossible task to accomplish within a very short time frame. He immediately brought many potential buyers to our property and secured a quick offer. Throughout the entire process — listing to closing — he was there to make sure it was as stress free as possible. He’s a great guy… I highly recommend working with him!

5 user453990

I am a foreign investor, with a little knowledge about the real estate market in the US. I was looking for a property in Los Angeles and was very lucky to find Tom. He is the kind of person that will do everything to make his clients satisfied. Tom has a truly solid knowledge of the real estate market. He always will give you a superb professional advice, analyzing objectively the advantages and disadvantages of properties in different residential areas. He is honest, understanding and patient, and has the capacity to work very hard to get the desire results. I was particularly impressed by his high ability to identify himself with the his clients needs and goals.

I would like to point out that part of the buying process was completed while I was abroad US. As usual, Tom showed a gorgeous professionalism, sending my very fast all the required documents to close the deal and keeping me informed about every relevant aspect of the transaction.

On top of that, Tom is a very warm human being, with whom is very pleasant to interact and interchange ideas, point of views and opinions. I recommend Tom very warmly and without any hesitation. He will make his best effort to make your dreams come true.

5 user804120

I first contacted Tom about a property that was no longer on the market, and without even needing to ask, he turned around a complete list of properties that were still available, in our price range, and in the area we were looking. Tom’s attention to detail and knowledge of what is out there is second to none, and setting up appointments to view properties was the easiest part of the entire process.

He was also helpful walking through the property, noticing things like how much natural light the place would get, and pointing out drawbacks like street noise that may become a problem down the line. He wasn’t on board to make a quick sale, he was there to make sure we were happy with the place we got. And we are. I’d recommend Tom to anyone looking for a new place, and we’ll be enlisting his services again for our next move.

5 user7799306

My experience with Tom was perfect My family and I were looking for a condo to rent, we looked everywhere on our own, we were getting very discouraged and frustrated by the junk we were seeing, and then we called Tom Barseghian and the very FIRST PROPERTY was our dream home. We absolutely loved it and he got it for us before it ever went on the market! He handled the whole process from beginning to end and in very quickly. We couldn’t be more excited about our new home. If you are thinking about leasing your place or looking for a high end lease TOM BARSEGHIAN IS DEFINITELY WHO YOU SHOULD CALL!!

5 user6589200

Working with Tom was great. He wasn’t pushy and was very patient with us. He also was good about understanding and predicting our needs. We ended up finding a home that met all of our needs.

5 user529821

Tom was amazing from the start. Being first-time buyers and extremely picky and detailed, Tom was patient and never indicated anything but complete willingness to work with us and our hectic schedules. He was always helpful, full of advice and kept us informed and at ease throughout the entire process. We will definitely work with Tom again in the future and would recommend him to anyone!

5 user794635

We were first time home buyers, and it took us about 3 years to find something. The first year was just us looking on our own, going to open houses, and getting used to the LA real estate market. (I’m not originally from CA.) The second year was working with agents, trying to find a home. However, at that time, most of the homes available were short sales, and although we put in offers on 4 homes during that time, none of them worked out for various reasons. Through this process, we learned what bad agents are like. The things we experienced were: not doing what they said or lying to us, knowing less than us, only interested in making us buy for the commission, and not being accessible or willing to work for us outside of 9a-5p. Finally, in year 3, we met Tom. Tom was not like the other agents. He asked us what we wanted, always did what he said, and made sense when he explained stuff. Even when it was difficult or a long-shot, Tom would at least try. By the time we found Tom, the market supply was very tight, and it was difficult to find something. We wish we had worked with Tom earlier. Ultimately, we found something, and Tom worked very quickly to make sure we got it. Now we have our first home. We would definitely work with Tom again and recommend him because he was honest, hardworking, and knowledgeable. The only downside, I think, is that Tom is still on his way up to the top. However, I think it’s best to work with him now so that when he is on top, and that’s only a matter of time, you’ll have an established working relationship and you’ll be able to work with him instead of the other agents that will be working for him.

5 user8893369

Tom was so helpful in the process of purchasing a home. Now day’s weather you are purchasing or selling the process is stressfully and I felt none of that with Tom. He was always there every step of the way to guide us and help keep calm. No matter what happened he assured us everything would be okay and it was because, now we are proud owner of our fist home. If you need an agent Tom is defiantly the right person to go to he will answer all your questions accurately and in a friendly manner even if it is your 100th time calling him. He is on top of all the individuals involved selling agent, loan officer, escrow company, seller, and bank he is not afraid to get involved to get things done. Thank you Tom for all your help in purchasing our first home.

5 user3279855

Tom helped us in buying a condo he’s Bravo. I wasted my time with two other agents selling what they want not what we want, ’till we met Tom, he gave us many good options you could tell his experience and professionalism. After few months we found what we’ve been looking for. Since we’re a first home buyers, we had many silly questions. Tom he always take his time explaining every detail making the process very easy, the man is knowledgeable and was patient with us all the time ’till we closed the deal, now we’re enjoying our new home. THANKS TOM. You deserve all the stars man! I really recommend him.

5 user6476667

Tom is a fantastic agent. He is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, has great negotiating skills and is very responsive to calls/emails. We live out of the area and had been working with another agent for several months. Bottom line is we were getting nowhere and knew it was time for a change. Since we had been monitoring Redfin for new listings, we decided to consider using a Redfin agent. We started looking at comments that Redfin realtors had posted on properties they had previewed and liked Tom’s straightforward style. From there we read his reviews and were impressed by what we saw. We contacted Tom on a Wednesday and an interesting listing popped up on Friday of the same week. By the following Tuesday our offer on that property had been accepted! Throughout the escrow period Tom handled the details of the sale with ease and we are very happy with our purchase. It was definitely a leap of faith to select a realtor in such an unorthodox manner but we couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

5 user407935

Tom is an outstanding agent. He is dedicated and truly committed to helping you find your home. He helped us through a challenging loan process by making sure all parties were comfortable and confident, ensuring that the job got done. He was always available to help address any concerns and was never too busy for us. The best part was that when we walked in to see the home we now own for the first time Tom predicted it would be our home and he was right. In today’s market and world in general it’s hard to trust people and that’s why we are so fortunate we had Tom – not only a wonderful real estate agent but a wonderful person and friend!

5 user2144684

I would definitely recommend Tom to family, friends and total strangers knowing what kind of service Tom will give them. He constantly went above and beyond our expectations when trying to see a home. He was always available to us when we needed answers to the confusing process of buying a home. He made it very clear to us every step of the way. He’s a very hard worker and worked very hard to get us a home. He’s not only our realtor but after working with him my family and I consider him a family friend. Like I would tell my kids…….”You can’t go Wrong with Uncle Tom”. Please note he’s not really their uncle. :^)

5 user2760259

Tom is by far the best real estate agent I’ve come across. Not only does he possess expert knowledge of the market and the whole process, he was also super fast responding to questions and issues that came up. And he used his sharp negotiating skills to get us the fairest price. It was a pleasure dealing with Tom and we highly recommend him.

5 user72127167

This was our second time using Tom as our realtor and as always he does a great job. Tom is very responsive, always promptly addressing any questions/concerns. More importantly, he is an honest person who takes your best interests to heart. My wife and I would highly recommend Tom.

5 user3822180

Tom is honest and straightforward in his business. He is willing to put in the necessary time and effort to help you find the right fit for a home. He’s extremely knowledgeable and makes good use of time when you visit homes…and he encourages you to visit many homes each week until you find the right one. He listens and makes suggestions to help you expand your thinking when you need it as well which is what you expect from a person in the business. While buying a home can be stressful, Tom is always calm and ready to pursue the next step with you. We really appreciate that Tom is not your typical “businessman” who is driven by the purchase- He is a people person who really cares about helping families get the most out of their money and settle into a place that will make them feel at home. Tom walks you through the process every step of the way and is always professional and sincere. No doubt, he is the guy who will run circles around all the rest- and if he doesn’t know something, he is sure to find out and stick with you the entire way.

5 user495046

Tom, I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for helping us find and purchase a home. You were always by our side or just a phone call away (and there were MANY). I never imagined meeting such a patient and caring individual; you were there through the entire process, even with the trustee drama! We had certain expectations in a home, which at times felt like we were attempting the impossible, but you not only listened to each request, you managed to find us our dream home! You always took the time to call us, kept us in the loop, and updated us on every step of the process, from start to closing (and even afterwards)! It has truly been a pleasure working with a knowledgeable, compassionate, and tolerant person such as yourself.

We will not only be references for life, but also friends. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Tom!

5 user8107823

Tom is just amazing!!! He is very enthusiastic about what he does and has such a positive outlook it can be contagious. I relocated to Florida and left my home in Los Angeles in Tom’s hands to sell for me. We had some challenges during the process, but Tom never lost his focus or his enthusiam in getting the job done. Tom did an amazing job of advertising and marketing the house like a true professional. We had amazing turnouts for the two open houses we had. Even though i was across the country, Tom kept me informed every step of the way and although i was loosing hope of selling my house, Tom did not and kept my spirits and my optimism up. I am so greattful to have had Tom on my side and I would recommend him in a minute!!! Thank you Tom for the truly great job you did.

5 user71919849

We loved working with Tom. He was quick to respond to our emails,and phones, and gave personal attention to our needs and made us feel as if we were his only customers. Will work with him again, and highly recommend him!

5 user7665787

Tom proved to be exceptional in providing knowledge and service. He was very knowledgeable of the area and the market. He represented the sale of our home and proved to be a master of strategy and negotiation, skills I now realize are a true asset in this process. We sold our home well over what we thought it would sell for. Thank you Tom!!!!

5 user9385484

My wife and I have worked with Tom on three real estate transactions over the last 2 years (2 purchases and the sale of our condo). From our first interactions with Tom through the present he has been a pleasure to work with. He is extremely responsive and helpful, and very knowledgeable. Tom is also a genuinely thoughtful person, who places honesty and thought for his own clients welfare above personal gain.

When my wife and I originally approached Tom about selling our condo his first reaction was to make sure we didn’t want to lease instead of sell the unit. He suggested we explore the benefits of keeping the unit with our CPA, and wanted to make sure we explored all options prior to listing. There are very few realtors who would actually suggest, without skipping a beat, that we explore other options before selling. I really appreciate the fact that Tom would walk away from a commission if it was in his client’s best interest.

When we did decide to sell the unit, Tom was able to get us multiple offers prior to listing the unit. This included an offer, over asking, which we accepted.

I have recommended Tom to others and I will continue to do so. He is a great realtor and a very genuine person.

5 sugardoor

Tom is the best agent you can ask for! My family have been searching home for years and within that time we had to change agent twice. We are so happy that we met with Tom. He is prompt in returning call and providing answers.

It’s been three weeks since we moved in to our newly purchased home and we are enjoying it. Without Tom, we couldn’t have purchase this home.

When this property was out on the market, our offer didn’t get selected. However, when it was out again, due to buyer failing loan contingency, Tom notified and we were the first ones to re-visit the property and the first ones to submit an offer.

Tom reaches you quick so no chances are to fall back.

We are truly glad and happy that we met Tom.

5 user2342393

Tom is an outstanding agent. He is professional, honest, and committed to his clients from beginning to end, always having their best interests in mind. He is extremely knowledgeable and has the necessary resources to get the answers needed in a timely manner.

5 user9280273

I cannot effictively convey the wonderful experience we had with Tom. Tom is extremely professional and was able to quickly identify our needs and desires. He tirelessly showed us properties that matched those profiles and some conditions were not easily obtainable. Tom never tried to force us to make an offer, but instead offered unbiased pros and cons ensuring we assed the whole picture. In an inventory challenged environment, Tom did an excellent job establishing value and informing us when increasing an offer was worth it and when it was no longer worth chasing. I strongly encourage anyone looking to buy or sell a property to contact Tom Barseghian so you can have an excellent experience as we did!

5 user86308367

Tom Barseghian epitomizes professionalism. He makes the home purchase process very simple and does it with integrity and pride. He does a great job of communicating with his clients and makes himself available even at unreasonable hours. When working with Tom it felt like I was working with an old friend. He also helped me to find a great loan officer, who worked very professionally and promptly. They, together did great job for me. I trusted the whole process to Tom and his friend Mike and I’m happy to say, that I purchased a wonderful property with very low rates. I’m looking forward to working with these guys in future.

5 hualbert69

To my wife and me, Tom was extremely helpful during the entire home purchase process where he was on top of all related matters. We really appreciate his initiative and responsiveness in handling matters such as providing home inspection info, home insurance info, title and deed info, and property management info, just to mention a few. Bottom line: highly recommended.

5 user3547156

Starting six months ago, after moving and living for six years in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, my wife and I started to believe that we could move back to the area that we used to love living in — Highland Park, Eagle Rock, and/or Pasadena. Moving close to one of these areas was critically important to my family. Everyone else in the realty business that we talked to basically laughed at us and turned us away when we told them our plan of selling in Rancho and buying a house out here closer to LA. Not Tom Barseghian. This guy was kind, friendly, said we could do it, and worked his @$$ off to make it happen. Tom was responsive at all hours via all forms of communication: text, phone, email, you name it. He carefully explained each and every document and process that we were signing and going through, respectively. He met us when we wanted to look at open houses; he took us out and he supported us in our decision when we finally found our dream house, which had just about every thing go wrong with it after we decided. NO OTHER realtor could have dealt with all the issues we ran into but Tom Barseghian. And he didn’t act like he knew more than us — he got down in the trenches with us and WAS ONE OF US. Tom is now a friend of the family and we recommend him wholeheartedly for all of your realty needs. Give this guy an inch and he’ll take you a mile!

5 LisaJorgensen

Tom Barseghian EXCEEDS expectations! He is the most professional, responsive, persnable and knowledgeable realtor I have dealt with. Tom represented my family’s best interest on the buying AND selling ends simultaneously. We had a real challenge ahead of us and chose Tom based on his positive attitude, lightening quick responsiveness, and knowledgeability of the current market. Within 2 hours of meeting Tom, he had run comps on our existing home and provided us with the info we needed to move forward with our pursuits of buying and selling. His responsiveness never, ever wavered throughout the four months he represented us! Tom ALWAYS maintained a positive outlook re. our situation no matter how tough the market or situations became. He saved our deal and made things move forward with both escrows closing on time! Tom also helped us achieve obtaining top dollar for our home, which was necessary in us moving forward on the buying end. He understood our situation inside and out, never forgetting a single step! He negotiated on both sides to get us where we needed to be to make both home deals go through. If you are looking for a realtor who really cares about the interest of his clients and understands that your time is valuable, you need Tom B., he is topnotch!!!

5 Nova461

Tom was our agent when we sold our house in Glendale. He is professional, courteous, responsive, has a great sense of humor…and he is very good at what he does. He had a smart strategy for selling our home that really resonated with us, and he explained his reasoning behind every decision. He gave us timely reminders without being overbearing, and walked us through the complicated process of selling a home in California.

One of the things that I appreciated most about Tom was his attention to detail…he did those little things that let you know he was paying attention. For example, he called me by my nickname after I introduced myself that way, even though all of the escrow documents and my email header contained my full name. He used reply-all when appropriate, keeping my wife in all of the discussions, when it became evident that we were equal partners in the process. He would send quick “got it” replies to acknowledge that important information had been received. He used professional language in his e-mails, even when tapping out replies on the phone. He was amenable to communicating by phone, text, and e-mail.

I am also quite certain that Tom paid for himself in full, versus the price that we could have gotten if we sold the house ourselves. I have no doubt that we would have gotten a significantly lower sale price, and would have gone mad with the paperwork, messages from the buying agent, inspections, escrow process, etc. I have no regrets whatsoever in enlisting Tom’s help for our sale.

5 lanikai23

It was a pleasure to work with Tom in purchasing our first home. He is incredibly responsive, knowledgeable, patient and a true professional. His vast knowledge of the market and how to get things done in the right way, allows him to make desired results happen right on time for closing. He is extremely organized and dedicated. He is great at following-up as well and will not leave any loose ends or unfinished tasks. Tom is genuine young man and truly invested in helping you find your “perfect” home.

At every point during the buying process, he responded to our every question promptly and thoroughly, communicated in an effective manner and was very proactive. His professionalism and cordial demeanor shined during the negotiation process, as he successfully navigated us through multiple other offers. In a field in which competence is not guaranteed by the mere possession of a license, Tom’s integrity, market intelligence, and work ethic set him apart from other agents. We thank him sincerely and recommend him unequivocally!

5 jessjagpal

Where do I begin? I had nothing but the best experience with Tom. I recently moved to the United States from Australia so as you can imagine, the process of purchasing a house is very different. He was very knowledgeable with the neighborhood and he had an eye for what potential or pitfalls each property had. Even if we looked at houses that were a long drive away (and during peak traffic times), Tom was always there to meet us at the property at a time that was convenient with us. We have 3 kids under 5 and Tom was very understanding of our necessities when looking for a property.

Tom was always very professional, well dressed and catered to all our needs. His responsiveness supersedes excellence. He essentially held our hand through every step of the way and helped us purchase our first house with minimal stress. Tom also recommended a very good lender to us whom we used and he was very knowledgeable and patient with explaining how lending works here in the US. This made Tom very resourceful to us with his excellent referrals for services we needed. I would consider Tom is not just our realtor, but has become our family friend and my family will definitely keep in touch with him even though escrow has closed. If only all realtors were half as good as Tom, purchasing a home would be stress-free for anyone!!

5 user622186

My husband and I highly recommend Tom Barseghian, we can easily say he was the best real estate agent either of us has ever worked with. He is extremely hard working, responsive, and knowledgeable.

Our family needed to find a home quickly, and Tom worked with our schedules and time restraints with professionalism and willingness. He put in offers without delay, and it was his persistence that helped us get an offer accepted.

During the process, he was knowledgeable, available and helpful. We have zero complaints and only gratitude for the expert job that Tom did to help make the complicated process of purchasing a home as easy as possible.

Thank you Tom!

5 Sevakm22

Tom Barseghian helped me buy a duplex in Glendale and all I can say is that he is the best at what he does and is a man of his word! I was referred to Tom by a co-worker of mine and when we met, he told me that sometimes it is not about the offer or terms that determine whose offer gets accepted, but WHO YOU WORK with matters just as much. Funny that when we bought my duplex, it came down to the fact that Tom had a great past relationship with the listing agent and I know for 100% fact that if he wasn’t representing me, I would not have had my offer accepted out of the multiple offers that were on the property. A few days after my offer was accepted, a $30k higher offer came in as a matter of fact. Tom’s quick action and experience, helped get my offer accepted before the competition could even react and possibly saved me having to outbid another buyer by that $30k! He is worth every penny as a Realtor just for that reason alone.

Tom is very responsive, whether it be in person, via email, phone or text. He is always dressed professionally and very informed with what it takes in today’s market to get the job done! I would recommend Tom to anyone who is looking to SELL or buy because of his great reputation, hard worth ethics, and ability to negotiate in a manner that makes the other party want to work with him & his clients!

5 davewetzel51

From the beginning till the end Tom was a complete professional. He was always in contact with me keeping me informed on what was going on in the sale of my late stepmothers condo. He told me right from the beginning what he thought the condo was worth and we had an offer a little over that. I would highly recommend using Tom in your next sale or purchase as I feel he went above and beyond what I expected from him. A super hard worker, communicator and very knowledgable about the Glendale area.

5 zuser20140620102113119

We could not be happier about our experience working with Tom. He puts his clients first, is incredibly professional and hardworking, and kept our spirits up in a difficult market. When we purchased our home another offer came in slightly higher than ours. But the listing agent specifically cited that our clean offer and very professional presentation (thank you Tom!) won over the sellers and ultimately won us the house!

5 qbhunter34

Tom epitomizes professionalism and subject matter knowledge. He found a buyer for my condo in 5 days ABOVE ASKING PRICE!!! We closed escrow in 21 days. Phenomenal work… He was always a available for any questions I had and made the process of selling my condo effortless. I would highly recommend Tom for all your real estate transaction needs.

5 katoh kinko

I would recommend Tom to any friends or family. He is incredibly professional, knowledgeable and was a pleasure to work with him. I really appreciated his quick response time, which is so important in this market! He was always available to answer my questions and provide feedback. He really helped make the experience of buying my first property less stressful and I look forward to working with him again!

5 lauraragan6

Tom was fantastic at coming through on short time frames, whether it was writing up an offer or taking us to see a property. He consistently responded to us very quickly as well. As first-time homebuyers, he did a great job walking us through the whole process. When looking at homes, we also liked that he didn’t just sugar coat everything like some agents, but actually pointed out any possible negative aspects to make sure we were ok with them. Even with the home we ultimately bought, Tom was not pushy at all and wanted to make sure we ended up with the right home for us that we loved. We were so happy to have Tom by our side through all the ups and downs of home buying!

5 eunicemartinez

Promises made and kept. What a refreshing experience. Tom came through as he promised with professionalism and honesty. After interviewing several agents, Tom presented himself as the most qualified as well as the most charismatic. My property presented a unique challenge which Tom took on and wielded masterfully. We are very happy and would gladly work with Tom again!

5 nubarm

It was a great pleasure and honest experience working with Tom, He is very professional, helpful and easy to communicate with. One of the things I noticed about Tom is that he puts his client’s interest and mind before everything else, he creates a peaceful atmosphere on both sides, The Sellers/Buyers, he also facilitates the whole buying/selling process that make things run smoothly in a professional manner. I admire Tom’s skills, character and his experience in his profession. I will surely recommend him highly and hope will be able to work with him in my future real estate purchases.

5 ssohra

Tom is the most professional and honest realtor I have met. I am a banking professional and have very high expectations when it comes to finding the right home for my family. Tom posseses a rare quality of being professionally savvy, yet patient and unbiased with his recommendations. It is very hard to find this combination in one individual particularly with this line of business. Tom would make himself available any time to view a home and would never give a bad attitude if you did not find the home suitable. I worked with Tom for almost 5 years before I found the right home and when we did, he negotiated the best price and best terms for closing. You need a realtor who is honest and who looks after your best interest. I would highly recommend Tom to any one who is looking to buy or sell a property. He take genuine interest in your well being. An amazingly positive and respectful realtor.

5 s0uthernbelle80

Tom was our third buyer’s agent and what a God-send! Very efficient and thorough. As any couple, we had our lists of he wants and she wants and Tom made sure to check off as many as possible before suggesting a home to us. When it came to the actual process of submitting offers, he was very efficient and actually knew how to use technology to assist us rather than frustrate us. Then once we had an accepted contract, he walked us through the steps to complete our obligations and kept us on schedule. He had quite the job cut out for him negotiating the seller, but succeeded. Great agent for first time buyers.

5 yvette zakarian

Professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy and a joy to work with. Made our home buying experience a lot less stressful. Sincerely appreciate all of his hard work in helping us secure a deal.

5 arpizakariaa

Tom’s help with selling and finding an investment property was immeasurable. He is highly skilled and knowledgeable and easy to work with. Most importantly, we could trust Tom because he always spoke the truth and gave his honest opinion when asked.

5 aholmgrenscu

Tom gets my highest recommendation. I interviewed five realtors and Tom’s level of professionalism and integrity won me over. I hired Tom on Tuesday and by the following Wednesday my house was on the MLS. During that week, Tom arranged to have my home deep cleaned. He had my house professionally photographed and had brochures printed. Tom also had a professional videographers film and edit a virtual tour of my home. Tom personally managed both the photographer and videographers, so I didn’t have to lift a finger. Tom made sure that my house was listed on all the major real estate websites. The Friday before our first open house, the brochure was mailed throughout the neighborhood. Tom did so well marketing my home that my house was designated as “Hot House” by Redfin. The first weekend my house was on the market Tom hosted two open houses and over 105 groups toured my home. I received multiple offers after the first weekend. Tom hosted an additional open house on Wednesday. Just two weeks after hiring Tom, I received five offers all over asking price. Tom handled sending out multiple counter offers. I accepted an offer $40,000 over asking price and I would have been thrilled just getting my asking price. Tom was present for the home inspection as well as negotiating with the buyers at all time. Tom handled everything and made the home selling process quick and painless. He is top notch and works hard to make his clients happy. Tom is always available to answer any and all questions. Best of all Tom doesn’t pressure nor does he try and hard sale his clients. Tom is a true gentleman with integrity. Go with Tom and you will not be disappointed.

5 arcine99

Tom is honest, hardworking, dedicated to his profession and an absolute pleasure to work with! My husband and I worked with Tom when purchasing our condo in 2011 and we were so pleased with him that we decided to work with him when selling the same condo years later. He patiently answered all of our questions and concerns, and educated us throughout the process. After selling our condo, Tom also helped us purchase our new home. During our search for the perfect home, he promptly made appointments, and met us at each and every location. His love and passion for real estate can be read all over his face, because Tom meets and greets you with a big smile at every meeting! Everyone knows that when it comes to real estate, your agent has to be quick, responsive, flexible, and efficient, and that is EXACTLY Tom! My husband and I recommend Tom for the sale and/or purchase of your home. I promise he will exceed all of your expectations!

5 nulyausa

If it was not for him, we would not get our condo. Tom is very professional, he knows the process very well. He is an excellent negotiator. He follows up with all involved parties. He has always been on top of his game. Highly recommend using Tom’s services.

5 johnmchoi

This is our second time with Tom. He originally helped us purchase our home, and this time he helped us sell. I feel that he has become very experienced and mature as an agent. When we first used him, he was a good agent, and now he is a great agent. He understands how I think, and advises me in a manner that I would want. I have complete trust in him and would even buy something sight unseen with him if I had to. He has become a trusted, close friend of the family, and I would stay with Tom as long as I am in Los Angeles county.

5 cynthia kossayan

Tom is a great partner throughout the home buying process. He does not pressure you into making decisions, instead, offers sound opinions and advice based on his experience and expertise. Tom will work with you to make sure your needs are met, and dealing with him does not feel like a transaction, but instead, like your making smart choices. He is INCREDIBLY responsive and always thorough, he is firm in communication with lenders, etc. when he needs to be, but is also easy to work with. I would recommend Tom to family and friends.

5 arcinemananian

Tom is the best agent in town! He is honest, hardworking, dedicated to his profession and an absolute pleasure to work with. He helped me purchase and sell my condo, and I used him a third time for the purchase of my new house. During my search for a home, he promptly made appointments, and met us at each and every location. He was quick and responsive with emails and worked every single day of the week to make sure everything was going as planned. His flexibility and ability to be efficient is like no other agent. I recommend Tom for the sale and/or purchase of your home.

5 Zhanna A

As a first-time home buyer, I desperately needed someone to point me in the right direction and guide me throughout the purchasing process. In that regard, Mr. Barseghian is an absolute breathe of fresh air. Over the span of a year, I expressed interest in a few properties, and he came with me to visit each one, always giving his honest opinion and never pressuring me to do anything I wasn’t 100% comfortable with. Patience paid off and I finally found a place that both appealed to me and fit into my budget. Tom’s wealth of knowledge made the entire purchase as simple as possible, as he explained everything that I needed to know along the way. He referred me to my loan officer, home inspection/warranty companies, etc., the convenience of which was great. Exceptionally charismatic and personable, he comes across as a true professional and is delightful to work with. Communication was also superb, as Tom is available at pretty much any hour of the day, quickly replying to texts and emails. Now that I am settled in, he continues to assist me as I renovate the home, and his genuine concern makes him seem less like a real estate agent and more like a caring family friend. Years of hard work have finally enabled me to purchase my first home, and I’m glad that I chose Tom to assist me on the journey. As my family and I continue to settle in and work towards our own version of the American dream, we will continue to do business with Mr. Barseghian. If you’re looking to purchase/sell a property as you read this review, look no further, because this man encompasses all the virtues of a real estate agent.

5 gkeating4

Tom represented us as our buyer’s agent on a home search that took a little more than a year. Tom possesses every characteristic that the discerning client wants in a buyer’s agent. First, he is highly knowledgeable about the current housing market and he has a very strong intuition about what homes will sell for. Second, Tom has the patience of a saint, particularly when working with first-time home buyers. Tom had infinite patience for our questions and was always available by phone or email. Third, Tom is extremely passionate about what he does. He loves helping people find a home to make their own, which makes him a pleasure to work with. Fourth, Tom puts his clients before himself and before the transaction. He never rushed us or pushed us toward a particular home. Fifth, Tom has a wealth of experience. Any realtor can be a good one when the transaction is going smoothly, but the best realtors will stand above the rest when the transaction gets complicated, as ours did. Our escrow posed a number of obstacles and Tom was right there to guide and protect us throughout the process. He has handled hundreds of sales and we felt very confident and comfortable throughout the process. Lastly, Tom stands out as a man with great integrity and dignity. He is honest and always gives people the benefit of the doubt (something we observed several times during our escrow). During open houses, sellers agents always knew who Tom was and spoke very highly of him. In sum, if you are looking for a realtor, we enthusiastically recommend Tom. If we had to start our home search over again today, knowing all that we learned along the way, we’d definitely choose Tom again.

5 moni benn

I have now both bought and sold property with Tom Barseghian’s representation, a testament to the quality of his work. He has recommended very good contractors and negotiated fairly in both of my real estate transactions. Thanks to Tom’s expertise, my Glendale condo sold for over asking price to one of 3 offers, in only 12 days. Tom is knowledgable, approachable, helpful, respectful and honest. I will definitely work with him again when buying or selling real estate in the Glendale, Burbank, La Cañada, La Crescenta, Tujunga, Sunland and surrounding areas.

5 skyloscatering

Tom was amazing! After listing my property on the market, he got an offer within four days and got it sold for an amount I was very happy with. I can’t imagine having a better agent than Tom!


As a foreign buyer not too familiar with the local market, Tom was a godsend! The first time I met him, he offered me a wealth of information and honest advice. Throughout our entire search, Tom offered invaluable insight on every property I was interested in and less than one month later, found us the perfect pocket listing. Through Tom, we were able to submit an offer and get the property under contract before it was officially on the market. His professionalism, helpfulness and network made our purchase one of the smoothest I have closed. He is now our go-to agent in the Glendale/La Crescenta area. Tom, I will definitely be back with more business! EDIT: 5/17/2016 This was my second time working with Tom, this time to sell a home. His service and response times were always on point. He has a high level of professional integrity and was a wealth of honest advice. Tom and his teamed worked hard to sell the house and kept me informed every step of the way. They hosted open houses every weekend and managed to get multiple offers above asking price within 8 days. Tom facilitated a very fast sale helped us negotiate down a 10k repair request. At the close of the escrow, Tom once again surprised me with a massive title insurance discount! He and his team went above and beyond all expectations and I truly feel he is watching out for the best interests of his clients.

5 rxdrewthejew

We found Tom through Redfin and spent about ten months with him to find our new home. During the search, he was always patient and never rushed us to settle on a home. He gave useful, honest feedback that helped us make informed choices. He was always available whether through text, email, or phone. During the escrow process, he was very supportive, quickly answering our numerous questions. I would definitely recommend Tom if you are looking for a knowledgeable realtor who will support you throughout the home shopping process. After having a great experience with Tom in helping us buy a house, we also worked with Tom in selling our condo. Once again, he was easy to work with, laid out the process for us in a simple way, and helped give us guidance throughout the process. White he offered us his knowledge throughout the process, Tom made sure we made all the final decisions in terms of listing price, counteroffers and the like. Tom aggressively advertised the property and made sure to follow up with all prospective buyers to make sure the property was sold as quickly as possible. I would definitely recommend Tom as a realtor for the selling process every bit as much as I did for the buying process.

5 ceschweitzer

My husband and I have worked with realtors over the years and have never been so impressed than with Tom. We were the buyers in this instance. He gave us terrific advice from the buy side and what to look for when we sell. He was professional, patient and always made us feel like his only client. Beyond that, we had a tricky close. Tom was always on our side negotiating (won in a multi-offer), explaining disclosures, reviewing HOA documents, and helping to resolve legal issues. We also appreciated Tom’s condo experience. This was our first condo (houses before), and he gave us amazing advice from start to finish. I have interviewed many realtors and Tom stood out by far. Thank you!!

5 propvest

Tom was my first realtor referred to by a close friend and though I lacked prior experience in this market, he was an absolute dream to work with. He’d respond to any question I had, immediately – meaning an email sent at midnight was answered 15 minutes later. Unbelievably great service and timely execution. He understood I wanted to be aggressive in the market and responded accordingly. I cannot recommend Tom and his team highly enough. If you want a friend – not just a realtor – to help you through this (sometimes daunting) process, Tom’s your man.

5 zuser20141206165812664

I am so happy I met Tom Barseghian. I talked to three realtors before talking to Tom and he was by far the most knowledgeable and the most professional realtor I have ever met. He is fast, reliable and he can anticipate all the problems you may encounter on trying to purchase a home. Tom arranges all the documents to be scanned and signed by DOCUSIGN, which speeds up things so much nowadays. And you can call him anytime during the day and he will answer your phone call. If he doesn’t, he will call you back ASAP! I used to call him 5 times a day and he never got fed up with me 🙂 He is top notch and he works super hard to make everybody happy. I was very anxious about purchasing a condo in LA , the house market here is insane, but Tom made the whole experience very pleasant . SUMMARIZING: TOM IS AWESOME. Work with Tom and you will not be disappointed.

5 vimar8

Tom is professional,knowledgeable, and honorable . There was not one phone call or email he didn’t answer promptly. His undivided attention made me feel as though I was his only client. I have nothing negative to say and thank him for being there for me. If I need a realtor in the future I have already met the best-I don’t need the rest. He is the benchmark for all other realtors to aspire to. Yes, he’s that good.

5 xsrnax

Tom was excellent throughout the home buying process. He communicated well, provided resources, and made the home buying experience a positive experience. His attention to detail is a great quality. Closing escrow was a breeze and he answered all questions with professionalism and exceeded expectations.

5 andre davoodian1

Tom keeps up with the martlet trend and delivers what he promises. Sold my condo in just 8 days full listing price all cash. He know how to market and close deals smoothly. Great agent to work with. Awesome job Tom!

5 tjames744

We had an absolutely wonderful experience with Tom and his team!! Tom was always available when we needed him and always more than willing to offer his fantastic advice. If you’re looking for someone to go above and beyond, Tom is your man. Thanks Tom!!!!!

5 ellina kh

Tom is by far one of the best agents in the business. He knows the market, offers great advice and sees the process through from start to finish. He always makes himself available and is a delight to work with.

5 DavRPeters

He did everything he said he would and could do, and then some. His biggest accomplishment was lighting a fire under us to ‘declutter’ for better showing.

5 Vi perish

Top notch , super helpful agent who has YOUR best interest in mind . Always accessible , day or night , weekday or weekend . Will definitely call him when the need arises.

5 akasdin2

Wow! Having experience with other agents in the past, I can say that Tom was the best agent I have ever used. Tom responded to all our interests and concerns immediately. Tom came up with the perfect price; so good, we got more than 25K over the asking price. However, Tom gave us his suggestions and advice but did not try to force us into anything. He was 100% correct, however. He knows what he is doing. He was open, transparent and honest. We didn’t fear that he would hide costs into the document or mislead us. He was upfront about things and trustworthy. This condo sold in 4 days at a price much more than we anticipated. He has a great network so we had a lot of offers. His marketing and outreach are great. He made flyers and used social media, as well as contacted his clients directly. You will not make a mistake working with Tom.

5 JoshuaNitschke

Great realtor, sold my home (which he helped me buy) above asking in a week. Fast and responsive, all paperwork e-signed which is very convenient, and very professional.

5 user22092198

I was incredibly satisfied with Tom and h is team ho exceeded my expectations in selling our house quickly and above list price. He knows the area very well and knows exactly what needs to be done to sell a house. He was always accessible and responsible too all phone calls and emails, regardless of the time of day or the day of the week. His assistant, Lily, is very organized and kept me posted of all necessary contingencies and their timely removals almost daily. If you want to sell your house, please make sure you give Tom and his team a chance. They won’t let you down.

5 panospanoyan

Tom helped me with the purchase of my dream home. He made the process very easy and simple. I would recommend him with out hesitation if you are looking for a real estate professional.

5 dins33

We couldn’t have asked for a better realtor than Tom. He is so knowledgeable, so patient, and so understanding. He really fought for us during a grueling 10 month search, and yet we never felt pressured, even when we decided to pull out of escrow. We ended up finding the perfect house and it was due to Tom’s support. I would recommend him with absolutely no hesitation. He’s the best!

5 rwmosier

Tom is an excellent, professional real estate broker. He has all the requisite expertise – excellent local and general market knowledge and very good understanding of the process from preparation and listing through marketing, negotiation and escrow. Three areas in which he stands out: Communication – During a fairly complex, estate sale, over 4 months, he seldom took more than a couple of hours to respond to any message. My email system indicates he sent me more than 200 messages during that time to keep me updated every step of the way. Technology – Whether it is designing a web presence for the property, creating a virtual walk through or using any of the other real estate tools, he is among the best at using technology in the marketing process. Professionalism – Being a business man, this is a quality I appreciate most. His presence, calm confident demeanor and pleasant, courteous treatment of everyone he meets, instills respect and confidence. He never “shoots from the hip.” When asked the rare question he doesn’t know, he always asks for time to get an accurate answer and then responds promptly. Brokers are often praised for getting a good price or turning a quick deal, which is often just a reflection of market conditions. Tom’s skills, knowledge, attitude and work ethic would make him successful in any market.

5 michael ettl

Tom deserves 5 stars in every aspect of his job as a real estate professional. He is courteous, respectful, honest, and treated us as if we were the only project he had on his plate. He was on top of everything, excellent communicator, kept everything focused on our unique selling objectives, and made the whole process as smooth as possible, especially considering our geographical separation and the fact that several family members had to be satisfied. Everything stayed on schedule and the property closed without delay or hassle. Highly recommend Tom for anyone in the market to sell or buy.

5 arthurandreas9

Great and supper professional realtor. Tom sold my home within 2 weeks and was on top of everything at every corner. Highly recommend Tom Barseghian.

5 firas alsarraf90

Tom Barseghian helped me through the process of buying my first home. Going in to the process I thought I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted and what buying a home is like, but it wasn’t as simple as I thought. Tom is one of the most patient people I’ve ever met; he’s completely open to hearing what you have to say. He is very knowledgeable and knows what he’s doing and saying. By the way he talks and the information that he gave me, obviously he’s an expert in what he’s doing and have a lot of experience. He seemed to always be available for my questions and sync ups when I was feeling under water. Throughout the whole process I felt like Tom had my back and always paid close attention to every detail. He simply saved me a a lot of time and money. I couldn’t recommend him enough for anyone looking for some peace of mind when buying a home!

5 adrine movsesyan

My husband and I worked with Tom when purchasing our multi-family property. During our search, he promptly made appointments, and met us each and every location. He has proven to be very professional, knowledgeable and hard working agent. It is absolute pleasure to work with Tom. I would highly recommend Tom for your real estate needs and I promise he will exceed your expectations.

5 KaranAujla

Tom and his team are true professionals. Very thorough in their process and they market the property very well. Tom shows extreme patience and offer excellent advice. Highly recommend.

5 vagemian

you can never go wrong with Tom on your side. I will utilize his services and his talent in the future. He took all the guess work out of finding a qualified tentant so that we can rest assured of nothing unexpected. Great job Tom

5 user90391012

I would highly recommend Tom and his team to anyone who is looking for a seamless journey in selling or buying a home. Tom was extremely helpful, professional, and best of all efficient. I have sold and bought many properties in the past, and when Tom was referred to me I honestly didn’t know what to expect. From start to finish, Tom shared with me his knowledge around the market, asked me all the right questions, listened to my expectations, and delivered above what he had promised in a short amount of time. He is truly a professional and very dedicated to his craft. Thank you Tom.

5 zuser20140623174022403

First off let me say I usually don’t take the time to leave a review. Tom left such an impression on us that I feel compelled to share the experience. Let me start by saying realtors get the wrap for being glorified used car sales people, and for the most part the stereotype is pretty accurate. With Tom however, the experience from start to finish was nothing short or amazing and an absolute pleasure to work with. My wife and I are first time home buyers who are way pickier than we should be or can really AFFORD to be, not to mention our different tastes and wants in a home. I got to say Tom’s patience, availability and expertise in the entire buying process was second to none. His attention to detail and really breaking the most important things to look for and consider as a buyer rather than the superficial that we were focused on. From start to finish every conversation, email and interaction was professional, informative and showed throughout that he really cared about helping us get the right house for us at the right price, instead of just making a sale. I would recommend Tom to any and everyone I know in the market to buy or sell Real Estate. Thank you again Tom and your team, we couldn’t have imagined a more perfect experience.

5 user42230724

So happy we listed our Burbank home with Tom Barseghian and his team. They presented the house beautifully and professionally. Made the whole process quick, painless and successful, with results exceeding our expectations. Great team to work with!

5 Myaberlyant0

I am actually a licensed broker myself in multiple states, so this review should speak volumes. I chose to hire Tom for the job of selling my home due to my extensive travel schedule during which i just could not be my own broker, and I could not be happier. He sold my property ABOVE APPRAISED VALUE. He was amazing to work with, from start to finish, easy to communicate with, very prompt, and has excellent resolution skills. He is worth every penny of the commission and some. I would highly recommend Tom without a doubt.

5 nabovian

Tom is the real deal. He knows how to take care of his clients but he never tries to sugar coat the process. Working with him, my husband and I felt like we were in great hands. As much as he reassured us, he kept us aware of everything that was happening in order for us to be prepared. He helped us get our house for nearly 75k less than the asking price. He also helped us get more than 10k in credit toward repairs. We highly recommend Tom and his team!

5 johnkovinla

Tom is a class act, professional and a really kind and honest guy! I have over the years had many agents make me promises but never keep them, so when Tom told us he could sell our house in 30 days I didn’t think it was possible but he proved me wrong! Tom is not a sellout, he is on your side and will get you the best deal and buyer out there. Tom made selling my home quick and easy.

5 zuser20171207150515108

Tom is very easy to work with, kept me well informed of every step along the way, and for the second time, got me an offer exceeding my asking price. Great Realtor!!

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